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About Us

Accessible Lifestyle delivers professional construction and remodeling services on both commercial and residential projects in Harris and surrounding counties of the greater Houston area. We specialize in building new or remodeling both commercial and residential structures to barrier-free standards.

Our years of experience and certifications have given us a level of expertise and flexibility that allow our clients a piece of mind knowing they can trust us from start to finish. Whatever you need, we are a very knowledgeable and capable construction team that can get the job done right. From design to completion, we can do it all.

More than in any other type of construction, the process itself is crucial during a remodel. Unlike new construction projects, we’re almost always working as guests in someone’s space. Our respectful, detail-oriented process relies on time-tested approaches that include precise planning and bidding schedules, project managers, construction superintendents and close communication with you, our client. By establishing a personal relationship and working with you as a team, we’re sure to achieve the result we all envision – a space that’s uniquely and comfortably yours and gives you a barrier-free lifestyle.

Accessible Lifestyle is devoted to the barrier-free construction industry and its unique challenges and opportunities. Nothing is more satisfying than helping client's lifestyle change and their daily way of life become more accessible.

When all is said and done, quality is the defining element of every project. From the design through the finishing craftsmanship, it’s the quality of the work that will endure. Outstanding skills and real care are the characteristics that enable Accessible Lifestyle to deliver a high-quality, consistent quality product. They’re the key elements in every part of our company and in every client relationship.




Professional Affiliations

Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA)
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
Texas Association of Builders (TAB)
National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
Montgomery County Association of REALTORS (MCAR)
National Council on Aging (NCOA)


Accessible Lifestyle Affiliations

Options for accessible living are limitless and often described by terms like universal design, barrier-free, or special needs. Regardless of how the need is described, Accessible Lifestyle has the resources and years of building expertise to assess your situation and create the environment that meets your needs.


Phone: (936) 760-2601


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