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Aging in Place Remodeling Checklist
Excerpt taken from:
The Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council, Inc., Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation


  • Adapt lower floor for possible one-level living
  • Increase general incandescent and specific task lighting
  • Easy garage or parking access
  • At least one entry without steps
  • Doorways 36” wide with offset hinges on doors
  • Lever door handles instead of knobs
  • Electrical outlets 18” above the floor
  • Contrasting color for switch plates which aids low vision
  • Light switches at 42” above the floor
  • Adjustable controls on light switches
  • Lighted, glow-in-the-dark switches in bedrooms, baths and hallways
  • Strobe light or vibrator-assisted smoke and burglar alarms
  • Lower window sills for ease of opening
  • Programmable thermostats for heating and cooling
  • Contrast colors between floor and walls
  • Color borders around floor and countertop edges
  • Nonskid flooring
  • Matte-finish paint on walls
  • Matt-finish on flooring and countertops (eliminates glare)
  • Non-glare glass on artwork
  • Lower the peephole on entry door
  • Emergency alert system – built in or wearable


  • Anti-scald valves for lever faucets and faucet mixers
  • Temperature controlled shower and tub fixtures
  • Shower stall with a low threshold and shower seat
  • Grab bars at back and sides of shower, tub and toilet, or wall-reinforcement for later installation
  • Turn-around and transfer space for walkers or wheelchair (36” x 36”)
  • Counters at a workable height
  • Telephone jack
  • Installation of medical response device (alert or call button)


  • Cabinets with pull-out shelves and lazy-susan turntables
  • Easy-to-grasp cabinets knobs or pulls
  • Task lighting under counters
  • Cook top with front controls
  • Side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with adjustable upper shelves and pull-out lower shelves; a freezer drawer on the bottom may be more convenient for some
  • Variety in counter height – some as low as table height (30”)
  • Contrasting color or patterned borders at counter edges
  • Gas sensor near gas cooking, water heater and gas furnace

Living Room

  • Seating at least 18” off the ground
  • Chairs with sturdy arms and shallow seats
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