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Who We Service for Residential


Aging-In-PlaceThe Aging-In-Place

Just like you, your home needs a retirement plan.


Even though you may be perfectly fit right now, it’s never too soon to plan for the future. If you intend to continue living in your current residence through retirement, there are things you can do to prepare your space for improved safety and comfort as you age. At Accessible Lifestyle, we are experienced with Adaptable Design. Your home can easily adapt to your changing needs as you age. With some simple planning now, we can help you avoid costly repetitive remodeling in the future.


Victims of Injury Or Illness

Get back home quickly and safely.


If you or a loved one has experienced a sudden change in health or mobility due to an accident or illness, chances are your needs are immediate, and you have had little chance to research options. Accessible Lifestyle will work with you and your occupational therapist or health care professional to help you get back into your home as quickly and as safely as possible.


Those Recovering From Surgery

Ensure a speedier and safer recovery.


Perhaps you are about to have a medical procedure, such as joint replacement surgery, and anticipate your mobility may be compromised for an extended period during recovery. You may consider outfitting your home in advance with a few temporary or permanent solutions to ease your everyday tasks upon returning home.


Your Guests

Make your home more welcoming to people with disabilities.


According to the US Census Bureau, chances are that someone you care for has, or will someday have, a disability. Even if there are no mobility concerns within your household now, you may still want to make your home more welcoming to people with access issues. There are simple improvements we can help you make so that your home can welcome all guests safely and easily.



Who We Service for Commercial


General Contractors


We can service general contractors for individual residences or multifamily projects.  We can assist the general contractor with alterations and ideas to have their project provide a barrier-free environment for their client(s).




We can assist the architect/designer in design features that will enable the general contractor to construct a building and or residence to provide a barrier-free environment as well.




We have development and construction experience and can assist the Developer or Development team in areas such as home or building configuration, driveway, streets, sidewalks, and any and all amenities elsewhere in the project.  These areas mentioned are just to name a few but there are actually endless possibilities with each and every project and client depending on goals and finances.


Business Owners


A company who is the supplier or vender of Durable medical equipment or plumbing supplies/equipment who needs consulting assistance on the “whole house approach” and or direction on other barrier-free construction areas of the project.



Consulting Services


Whatever help you need in ADA, universal design, and barrier free living we are here to help you with our expert advice.  Our consulting is priced and done on a case by case basis.  We can come to you or you can come to us.  We have fees based on per project, per day, and per area.  We can assist projects through companies or people in areas of barrier-free design and ADA construction.  Here at Accessible Lifestyle our knowledge and passion to help people extend far beyond our geographic region. Should you and/or your company need assistance with any area of universal design, barrier-free design, ADA construction, and/or any type of handicap construction or design please do hesitate to contact us for our assistance.  Residential or commercial big or small our knowledge and expertise is readily available at your request.

Options for accessible living are limitless and often described by terms like universal design, barrier-free, or special needs. Regardless of how the need is described, Accessible Lifestyle has the resources and years of building expertise to assess your situation and create the environment that meets your needs.


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